Feature: Let's Go Glamping

Mar 06, 2017
Camping isn’t for everyone, but one of the features at the Des Moines Home + Outdoor Living Show lets you see a different way to experience the outdoors while maintaining the comforts of home.


Sandra Mrachina is the creative mind behind Speed Stagers professional home staging. While her day-to-day focus is on helping her clients with the interior of their homes, she has taken a personal interest in glamping.

She’s been camping for over twenty years. While she started out tent camping and sleeping on the ground, as she got older and had some unfortunate experiences (including a surprise visit from a squirrel in the tent), she decided to find a way to make camping more enjoyable. Sandra renovated a used pop-up trailer to include items such as camping themed sheets and vintage national park artwork. Sandra provides us with a little more insight into Glamping and how you can incorporate it into your camping experience or even your outdoor space!

Q: What exactly is Glamping?
Sandra: "Literally, this is the word glamorous mashed with camping. But, really, what it refers to is a little less concrete and defined. There are lots of different aspects of glamping (i.e. luxury tents in an African game preserve vs. vintage trailers with upgraded amenities) but has become understood to encompass spending time outdoors, independence and adventure, the creature comforts of home, creativity and even vintage trailer renovation. For the most part, although I dream of the African adventure, I usually refer to glamping as the latter interpretation. The idea is a bit Martha Stewart meets Rosie the Riveter meets Pocahontas."   

Q: What are some first steps?
Sandra: "Good question.  This is where the stager in me comes in. Some of the small things can be substituting bedding for your sleeping bag, putting an extra fluffy rug down so you don't step onto a cold floor when waking up in your tent, creating a space to relax and read or have a cup of coffee that doesn't include a camping chair, taking time to cook comfort food instead of just hotdogs, hanging actual artwork in your camper. You don't have to tackle a major vintage trailer overhaul to upgrade how you spend time in the outdoors."

Q: How can you add elements of glamping to your own outdoor space?
Sandra: "I'd recommend anything that encourages you to spend time outside relaxing, enjoying time with friends and family, slowing the pace of life down a bit would be great. For example, getting a backyard firepit and spending time using it. Stringing a hammock up in your yard, but then glamp it up by adding pillows, or a cozy throw. Even on a deck, you can add charming lighting, more comfortable furniture and board games. All of these items encourage gathering in the outdoors."

Make sure to check out the Let’s Go Glamping feature at the Des Moines Home + Outdoor Living Show from March 10-12, 2017.


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