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Mar 06, 2018
Backyards have become an important part of any home. They are an extension of your home. Outdoor spaces are used for entertaining, and provides a place to unwind and relax after a hectic week. At the 2018 Des Moines Home + Outdoor Living Show, Better Builders will show you the Ultimate Backyard!

Ultimate Backyard

Demir Miljkovic of Better Builders gives us a little sneak peak of what we’ll see at the show and offers some tips and trends!

What will be some of the features of the Ultimate Backyard?
• Covered deck – the deck will showcase aluminum railing, finished ceiling with lighting and ceiling fan, composite decking and deck lighting. The items displayed are of limited maintenance and will have a long life for homeowners. In addition, there will be patio furniture, a bar and even some yard games that are all constructed of composite or PVC for a long-lasting life!
• Patio – The patio will have landscaping, a paver patio and walkways, fire pit garden beds and patio sitting walls. Paver patios are another example of a product that requires limited maintenance. While stamped concrete has been a big trend, the patio paver approach offers less maintenance and is becoming more popular.

What are some tips that you have for homeowners just getting started?

• Do your research on local contractors! There are a variety of ways you can look at contractors from Google, manufacturer websites, the Better Business Bureau and others. Check manufacturer websites for certified professionals that have been screened and approved by the manufacturer for installation of the product.
• Ask for references and to see the contractor’s work. One of the best ways to evaluate their work is to see prior projects and speak with former clients.
• When you are looking for ideas for your outdoor projects, homeowners should find a few images online showing features and styles they would really like to see in their outdoor space. It makes it easier to gauge the design preference after reviewing those images and provides a good starting point.
• Lastly, establish a budget. If the budget is known early in the process, it is easier to guide the homeowner toward realistic options and provide them with as many of the features and “wants” they established at the beginning.

What are some trends that you are seeing?

There has been an increase in the number of requests for spiral staircases. Part of this is due to the aesthetic look, but it also offers a better utilization of available space. Traditional stair systems take up a lot of room and with lots not increasing any, we are able to conserve as much space as possible with spiral staircases. In your typical stairs in a home with a walk out basement, stairs and a small landing take up between 80-100 square feet of usable space below the deck that now is rendered mostly useless. With a spiral staircase, we can reduce this to approximately 20 square feet of space used with a unique aesthetic feature.

Covered decks have drastically increased, especially in new construction. With covered decks, we can incorporate heaters, screen systems, TV's, fireplaces, pizza ovens, and many other features. The really great thing about all these items is that they have continued to improve and transform the industry. For example, Phantom Screen systems can be installed in a covered deck, hidden from sight, and with a push of a button, phone application, or even environmental sensors these screens can come down and protect your new outdoor living space from the early morning/late afternoon sun, insects, and even provide privacy. Other features, such as flush mount ceiling heaters, have also become a common place in creating an outdoor space that our families can enjoy for much of the year. 

Deck and patio lighting was a feature we used to apply to about 25 percent of the decks and now it is included on nearly 100 percent of the decks that we install. Part of this reason is that LED lighting has decreased in price. While the price decreased, the reliability of outdoor lighting seemed to increase. This gives homeowners a simple option for long term ambiance.

Be sure to check out the Ultimate Backyard and many other exciting features at the Des Moines Home + Outdoor Living Show. Buy tickets now to save $3 and start planning your visit. We can't wait to see you there! 

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