He Shed / She Shed

Mar 07, 2018
The days of having an old, rusty backyard shed just to store tools are over. Sheds have gotten a major upgrade in the last few years. No longer limited to storage, sheds have become a place for people to get away in their own backyards. If you’ve been wanting to add something to your home but don’t have the square footage to spare, a shed could be the perfect solution. With a little planning, you can transform a shed into a space perfect for creating, entertaining, working, relaxing or hosting guests.

Pub Shed

 With so many options, the real challenge is figuring out where to start. Tuff Shed, a national shed, garage and cabin building company, always advocates for doing some research into the process first to figure out the solution that’s right for you. Consider these questions while you start planning your new outdoor space:

Why am I creating this space?

Are you looking for a new art studio? Or are you hoping to create an outdoor bar perfect for entertaining in the warmer months? Is your space just a relaxing getaway close to home? Or are you hoping to give your guests their own private space in your backyard? The purpose of your shed will shape the way you create the space. Don’t forget to start thinking about décor. You’ll want a style that makes the space comfortable and uniquely yours.

What’s my budget for this project?
Since the space you’ll be working with is small, it’s possible to create something amazing with a relatively small budget. If you already have a shed in your yard that you can transform on your own, you’ll have more wiggle room. For those without an already created space, you can weigh the costs of a kit, prefabricated model with installation or building one yourself. You’ll also want to consider the location of your shed. Do you have level site available or will you have to create one? Lastly, research any permits you may need for your project. Knowing your budget ahead of time and gathering some information on the cost of your project will help you create a realistic project and avoid surprise costs.

Do I want to build or buy?

If you’re looking for more control in your project, you can certainly build your own custom shed. You might save on the cost of the shed because you’ll just be paying for your materials and tools. You’ll have to spend more time on planning and execution. If you’re more focused on convenience, buying a prefab model may be a good choice for you. Many companies that provide and install sheds allow you to customize your purchase to best fit your needs.

With so many things to consider, you’ll want to turn to the experts for advice and inspiration. Visit the He Shed/She Shed feature at the Des Moines Home + Outdoor Living Show to see how designers created perfect sanctuaries for men and women in their own backyards. You’ll also be able to visit with Tuff Shed at their show booth to learn more about their inspiration and get help planning your own shed! Bring an idea of why you want your shed and what kind of project you’re looking to start and see how they can help your dream shed become a reality.

DM Home + Outdoor Living

MARCH 9-11, 2018